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Madagascar > Activities > Lily waterfall of Ampefy

Lily Waterfall Of Ampefy

Lily waterfall of Ampefy
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Nestled on the banks of the beautiful Itasy Lake in breathtaking Madagascar is the lush area of Ampefy. The scintillating magnificence of this volcanic substratum with its rolling hills adorned in green, untainted by the peril of mass tourism and overflowing with an extensive range of fauna and flora is exceptionally appealing to nature lovers. The precious beauty of Ampefy is highlighted by the Lily waterfall (Chute de la Lily), that thunders down a staircase of rocky clefts, sparkling in the radiant sunlight and finishing in a tremendous spray that fashions a nebulous mystical aura around her.

Each iridescent cataract travels an invigorating journey over desert volcanic landscape, rice plantations and verdant fields before it plunges down with a glittering reverberating roar from the rocky massifs into a refreshingly clear pool of fresh mountain water that beckons out to anyone who would dive in and bathe in her coolness. To reach the legendary Lily waterfall, requires a 4x4 passage over picturesque volcanic hills dotted with quaint little villages made up of red mud houses with thatched roofs (typical to the central highland). Once you arrive, the most classical panoramic view awaits to take your breath away with the best rapid waters perfect for a white water rafting excursion.

With Ampefy’s Chute de la Lily, one will not only make the most of their time immersing themselves in the blessing of nature, but good exercise, knowledge about the island and a collection of treasured memories awaits. There is no good enough reason not to visit the islands spectacular Lily waterfalls, after all, they truly are 100% pure bliss!

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